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Why Coworking Spaces Like The Brewery Are Changing The Landscape Of How We Collaborate

Before we begin, let’s look at what coworking is—made of two words. Co means ‘together,’ and Work means ‘a way of earning a living‘. Simply put, cowork implies a way of earning a living with others and has become a movement. There has never been a more important time for small teams and clients to have a space to meet and collaborate at the times they want. That is what The Brewery is all about. Unique to Baton Rouge, The Brewery will offer memberships for people to reserve beautiful and inspiring meeting spaces.
There are incredible benefits to coworking spaces, so let’s dig into who and why people are utilizing these unique meeting spaces.
Entrepreneurs Need Spaces, Too
If you’re an entrepreneur with a small team, then coworking spaces are ideal in terms of pricing, infrastructure, and design. Imagine how much money you’d be wasting monthly if you had to take on the rent for a traditional office when you only need a meeting space at specific times. Coworking spaces are inspiring places to gather, are fully serviced and provide what every professional would want. These spaces allow you to focus on your business meetings while the coworking staff focuses on the infrastructure and office supplies. 
Freelancers Need to a Space to Ideate and Brainstorm
Freelancers work for themselves and are hired based on a specific skill they possess. There is no permanent employment, so they often work remotely for an organization. Coworking spaces are an excellent workplace for freelancers to collaborate with a partner, small groups and their clients. Unlike working from home, The Brewery offers freelancers a membership that gives them a feeling of owning their own office when they reserve a meeting space when they see fit. Not to mention an excellent opportunity for networking.
As you can see, coworking has become popular for many people with different paths but the same needs. A membership to The Brewery allows people to select the time, day and specific room needs to collaborate, rather than focusing on running an office. Coworking creates a community of like-minded people. And even more perfect, The Brewery has a communal Taproom for snacks, tea, coffee and beer! Want to learn more or become a member of The Brewery visit

So, How Does A Membership At The Brewery Work?

An annual membership at The Brewery will give you access to our member’s portal, where you can check availability and manage your bookings. After you’ve become a member, you’ll be able to reserve your meeting rooms by the day or hour. Members will only be able to access The Brewery’s space and communal areas at the time of their meeting room booking. This policy is designed to minimize crowding and ensure our members will have the flexibility and freedom to use the space to its fullest while there.
Our member portal is designed for everyone’s ease of use, so everything can be handled online whenever you need a space. A calendar view will allow you to see what is available for the specific days and times you need. 
Each room has an hourly or day rate that will be charged and invoiced to you at the end of the month. The prices are based on the room size and amenities in each room. Bookings become non-refundable within 24 hours of the booking date.
The Brewery has five rooms to choose from and if you’d like to take a tour, contact us and we’ll arrange a time that works for you. 


The Flight Deck
The Flight Deck is our largest room that can accommodate up to 12 people and is perfect for executive sessions, client meetings, and presentations. 
Hourly: $96
Daily: $672


The Draft Room
The Draft Room features maximum flexibility with extra large double whiteboards and two large garage doors that can be closed for privacy or open for more flow. Tables and chairs on wheels are easily reconfigurable and this room can fit up to 10 people.
Hourly: $67
Daily: $469


The Roastery
This room can accommodate up to eight people and is great for teams to come together and strategize or brainstorm. Much like The Draft Room, The Roastery has one extra large whiteboard, a 65” display screen, and a garage door that opens.
Hourly: $56
Daily: $392


The Tasting Room
The Tasting Room is perfect for breakout sessions and working meetings if you have a smaller group, up to six people. Filled with natural light, this is a room where magic can happen.
Hourly: $45
Daily: $315


The Pint Room
The Pint Room
Looking for privacy? Need to negotiate a deal? Need to keep your head down and focus? The Pint Room is perfect for getting things done. It fits up to three people and is cozy for quiet thinking.
Hourly: $34
Daily: $238


So, if you’re looking for a vibrant and beautiful coworking space, become a member of The Brewery today. Want to take a tour, contact us at

New Workspace Concept Comes To The Baton Rouge Area

Baton Rouge, LA – Local entrepreneur, Marie Powell, announces the opening of The Brewery. This August the doors opened for small businesses to experience a new concept offering meeting space for teams. 


“As a small business owner, who cares about culture, innovation and team building, for years I’ve searched for an offsite facility like this that I could rent for the day or even just a few hours. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge is full of large meeting spaces that are not ideal for small teams and businesses for a short period of time.” said Powell. 


The Brewery is a workspace that aims to address the needs of many local small businesses, organizations or nonprofits, who may have selected to implement a permanent or semi-permanent work-from-home policy due to the pandemic. The building is designed for small groups (less than 12) who need to hold an occasional group meeting or series of meetings in an inspiring, functional location. Uses could be for collaborative brainstorming sessions, team building exercises, training sessions, company retreats and more.


“There are other co-working spaces (in the area), but nothing focused completely on meeting rooms. This building concept will meet the needs of many small businesses and organizations that need a tech-savvy, inspiring workspace for small teams to gather and do some amazing work together.” Powell said. 


Due to the recent events of COVID-19, there has been an increase in companies implementing more flexibility for their teams and improving work-from-home allowances. Some of these companies are either forgoing or reducing the footprint of their commercial office space to save overhead costs.


We also know that humans require and crave collaboration and face-to-face, personal interaction. Too much remote work can lead to burnout, lack of culture and team building and sometimes lack of inspiration and creativity. 


We are offering a unique workspace environment for small groups who want to gather, collaborate, create new ideas and build a strong team. This is a new concept to Baton Rouge and solves a unique business need.


The Brewery is the brainchild of Marie Powell, a small business owner, entrepreneur and innovative leader with 20+ years of strategic branding and advertising experience. In 2010, she started her own firm, Brew Agency, with a clear purpose in mind – to build a flexible environment for family-centric people where remote work and flexible schedules were supported and encouraged. The Brewery has been an extension of this purpose – to create an environment where people can be inspired to collaborate and create something amazing.